Why partner with us?


*Improve your brands communication with students

Skrambler is conceptually built on creating a more organic and streamlined interaction process between the student population and businesses and utilize the premise of offering deals from partnered brands in order to promote them to our users. Moreover, our presence spans across several platforms enabling us to not only interact and communicate directly to students with our app but through the use of more organic methods.

* Content creation for your brand by Skramblers student team

At Skrambler our partners are our pride and joy (After students of course) and we create content for our social media around your brands and services to showcase you in a unique way.

* Promote your business directly to the student demographic

Skrambler is not only dedicated to helping students in the region; we also maintain an equal focus on connecting brands to students in a new way. Skrambler as a platform provides brands the opportunity to exclusively target the student demographic in an almost unparalleled manner. At the end of the day students (Generation Z) are the future spending power and it is prevalent to the future success of businesses to understand them now rather than later!

* Our unique student perspective

Being a student-built and led company Skrambler; we provide a unique insight into the everyday lives of students. Furthermore, Skrambler is constantly engaged with the student population allowing us to monitor trends and shifts within the community. More than just being an app platform we find it apparent to physically engage with our demographic by hosting events and providing job opportunities.