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About Us


Kassem Ezzeddine

Co-Founder & CEO


“The aim at the end of the day truly was and still is to build a platform for students, by students.”

  • Kassem Ezzeddine


Skrambler started in 2017 as the passion project of a young Dubai student named Kassem Ezzeddine. Kassem has been surrounded by technology his whole life and took an interest in coding and app development at a young age. In his teenage years Kassem, like most youth in Dubai began spending money on almost every outing and soon felt that he was overspending. After doing some research he discovered all of Dubai’s discount apps were either paid or were based on a gimmick. He set out to solve this problem and 6 months later, Skrambler was born. Kassem has since graduated high school and is working on Skrambler full time to grow the project and expand it further into the MENA region



Kareem Ezzeddine

Creative Director & Co-Founder

“Our philosophy at Skrambler is built to cater to students the same way we would want to be catered to.”

  • Kareem Ezzeddine

Around the same time of Skrambler’s creation Kareem (Kassem’s Brother) took on the responsibility of marketing Skrambler; he has worked on the merchandising and advertising of Skrambler and is responsible for the management of the social media team as well as the marketing strategy. Kareem is still continuing his high school education and hopes to continue working with Skrambler throughout the foreseeable future.


Majed Al Ghurair

Strategic Adviser & Shareholder

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Majed Al Ghurair offers an unparalleled insight into the regions finance and business markets. After coming across Skrambler via IdeaToLife Majed was eager to assist the young entrepreneurs behind the initiative as he felt that it would assist the growth and development in the UAE’s technological innovation sector. Majed currently assists the team behind the scenes and offers not only business based guidance but his invaluable expertise also helps to mentor the team as they grow their efforts.

“The separating factor of Skrambler from similar businesses is it's undivided dedication to building a platform for students unlike any other in the region.”

  • Majed Al Ghuarair

    • EGI Holdings Board Manager and Managing Director Real Estate Division


Ali Zein

CTO & Shareholder

“Skrambler as a platform offers a unique opportunity for both youth and large organizational bodies to interact in a meaningful and purposeful manner; I myself have always believed in supporting youth entrepreneurship and could not think of better candidates than those behind Skrambler.”

  • Ali Zein

    • Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IdeaToLife LLC.

Ali Zein’s career has been focused on delivering solutions to clients and internal partners alike. His 14years of experience attest to his native technology and software leadership skills, but also to his ability to adapt to all environments. For Ali technology has always worked for the benefit of business and people, and not the other way around; this ideology was exemplified after he met with the founders of Skrambler and was encapsulated by the possibilities of the concept. Ali Zein and his technological incubation and support company IdeaToLife are continuously assisting in the development of both the business and the app itself.